The Bidden Series

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Candidate Four

book one

Like most college graduates, Natalie Harlow is swimming in debt. Her post-graduate job can barely afford her the chance to move out of her parents' apartment, or make any headway on her $700 a month student loan. So when her glamorous, dresses-like-she-isn't-hurting-for-money co-worker Quinn offers her the opportunity to make a lot of money for just one night of work - a "job" that is as secretive as it is lucrative - Natalie is hesitant, but curious. Twelve glamorous “Candidates” line up for twelve gentlemen bidders in a luxurious, private residence high in the hills above the city. The item up for auction? One night with a Candidate. He pays, she stays. What they do is up to him. Is the lure of cash enough for Natalie to lay herself aside for one night as Candidate Four?

Sinful Reunion

book two

Natalie Harlow's prospects are improving. She's debt free, living on her own and can occasionally get through the day without thinking of a certain sexy Gentleman and the steamy, erotic night they spent together five months ago. When her party-loving friend Quinn suggests they go to Vegas to celebrate Natalie's new promotion she's game, but Natalie is about to learn that in the city of Sin anything can happen - including a passionate reunion with the one man she'd never thought she'd see again. Spend another night with Natalie and Gentleman Twelve in this sexy follow-up to CANDIDATE FOUR, and discover the secrets that connect them far beyond the four walls of the bedroom.

Secret Desires

book three

Natalie Harlow’s professional life is on track. Junior Vice President and account manager to Brighton New Media’s biggest client - Fitson Entertainment Groupe - she has everything she ever knew she wanted. All she has to do to keep it that way is hide the fact that her nights are spent with Fitson’s Chief Creative Officer, the sexy James Fitzgerald (known only to her as Gentleman Twelve). Their secret meetings under the guise of work are thrilling, but Natalie is constantly on alert that someone could find out - it is against Brighton policy to date clients - and bring to an end everything she has worked so hard to earn. James, meanwhile, is growing tired of pretending in public that Natalie means little more to him than a stranger, and has hinted at an ultimatum: him or her job. Straining the already-burdened relationship is Celine, James’ soon-to-be ex-wife who has come to Los Angeles with a secret of her own; Ivy Whitcomb, an opportunistic co-worker with a past connection to Fitson; and Joe Gallo, who has his professional (and maybe personal?) sights set on Natalie. Can Natalie and James' relationship withstand bombshell revelations and secrecy? 

The First Candidate

A Bidden short

When a class assignment calls for designing a profit-earning business plan, James Fitzgerald and his classmate - the cool and secretly provocative Audra Robertson - decide to take things a step further: a legendary, for-one-night-only party in a gorgeous mansion high in the hills of Los Angeles at $20 a head. The party is a success, but it's in a secret room above the pounding music and flowing alcohol where the night really begins and history is made: The very first auction.Twelve beautiful girls in golden colored masks. Twelve horny college guys with disposable income to burn. James makes the first bid on the first candidate, a stunning blonde whose identity he's sure he knows. But it isn't until they've begun to consume their lust-filled passion that James realizes she isn't who he thought she was...In this short story prequel to the Bidden series, meet James before he was Gentleman Twelve, and learn the origins of the storied auction that would one day introduce him to Candidate Four.

Beyond Ruin

book four

Natalie Harlow has it all. Or maybe too much of it. After being fired for her whirlwind romance with James Fitzgerald (Gentleman Twelve), Natalie has struck out on her own with the charismatic Joe Gallo. Success finds them quickly, but soon fate does too, and misfortune sends Natalie running across the country in search of distraction from her broken heart, and meaning for her disrupted life.It is the allure of Audra Robertson - James' business partner and closest friend - and her enticing proposal that brings Natalie back to Los Angeles a changed woman with renewed purpose and fresh romantic entanglements (both in and out of the workplace). Upon learning of Natalie's return, James realizes that it was never really over between them, and he is determined to make her see that though ended, their romance has deep enough roots to grow yet again. His plan, however, is made more difficult by the secrets Natalie is withholding.Can Natalie and James find their way back together, or have fate and misfortune changed them for good?

Unbidden Love

book five

It has been weeks since the bombshell revelation that Natalie Harlow carried on a relationship with Audra Robertson behind James Fitzgerald’s back. Neither James nor Audra have seen Natalie since, but their shared love of the woman once known as Candidate Four threatens to dismantle the partnership they have spent a decade building, and potentially every relationship in its wake. While James chooses to move on with his family - ex-wife included - Audra decides that loving Natalie is worth risking everything, and returns to Los Angeles to be with the woman she loves. James’ anger makes him act out against both women in ways he never would have before, but by the time he realizes the damage that has been done, it may already be too late. Can Natalie resolve the conflict in her heart over whom she truly loves, or will a gesture made in haste make the choice for her? How will James and Audra cope when their rift leaves the very thing they have built together vulnerable to outside forces?

The Honeymoon

a bidden short, book 5.5

"Despite the splendor of her accommodations, Natalie found herself wondering where she was going to end up on the other side of the trip, and with whom." Take a trip with THE HONEYMOON, a short story follow-up to the shocking twist ending of UNBIDDEN LOVE (Bidden #5). Join Natalie Harlow as she is whisked away to a secret location, by a secret admirer, and get a sneak peek into what's in store for your favorite Bidden characters when the series picks up with CONTESTED HEART.

The Other Woman

book six

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Contested Heart

book seven

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